It is not about being
'unable to cope'

It's not always a matter of being 'unable to cope', or 'too hard' but sometimes it can be as simple as needing the right tools to deal with a situation or issue, whatever that may be. Counselling gives us the opportunity to talk to someone outside of the issue which can help gain clarity on the situation.

Any subjects or experiences, from an everyday concern to a unique circumstance or situation, are suitable for a counselling session. Counselling addresses concerns across many lifestyle and life stage events and circumstances. One thing that has been noted frequently is that most people comment "I didn't know...". You are literally able to talk about anything in the counselling room. If things aren't working for you inside this space - tell your counsellor, they want to make sure you are getting the best you can out of the service - if they dont... it may be time for a new counsellor!
(See FAQ: topics or experiences ok to talk about in counselling;      How do I choose a counsellor?)